Great white shark tracked lurking just off South Florida

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – It's not just snowbirds who come south for the winter. One particular great white shark has also made the trip to South Florida to escape the cold weather.

Savannah, an 8-and-a-half foot great white shark, was tracked about a mile off Haulover Park on Sunday night.

The shark's location is as close to shore as any tracked by Ocearch, a marine research group that tracks dozens of sharks across the world.

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Weighing 460 lbs., Savannah was tagged with a tracker by the organization off the South Carolina coast back in May 2017. After making it as far north as Nova Scotia in August, the shark began its journey south towards warmer waters.

Savannah has traveled more than 3,561 miles since being tagged.

12-foot-long Miss Costa was tracked off the Florida Keys in December. The female shark has since entered the Gulf of Mexico and now appears to be headed back towards South Florida.