Video shows student attacked on school bus in Volusia County

Mother of student files police report, wants students arrested

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The mother of a Spruce Creek High School student has filed a police report after she saw video of her daughter being attacked on her school bus Wednesday.

Stephanie Ross said the video was posted on social media. It showed her daughter being punched by one girl with others joining in.

She said she's turning the video over to police.

"I can't help her. I'm helpless," Ross said. "I can't protect her. That's all I felt."

She said her daughter, Eve, told her no one tried to help her or stop the attack. She said that included the bus driver and the bus monitor.

"My concern is this: Why would the bus driver not call 911 immediately, so the kids can be reprimanded right then and there and arrested on the spot?" Ross asked.

Last week, a bus driver in Orlando was praised by district leaders for following guidelines that required him to pull over and call 911 after a fight broke out on his bus.

In that incident, Orange County Public Schools said a student's face was bloodied in a fight, and the driver followed proper protocol.

A spokesperson for Volusia County Schools told News 6 on Wednesday they didn't know anything about the incident involving Ross' daughter, and they would have to research it in the morning.

Ross said she's keeping her daughter off of the bus in the morning out of fear there could be more violence.

"You let her off the bus with no medical attention, so from the time from leaving the bus stop to my house she could've had an incident just walking home," Ross said. "(She) could've passed out. Anything could've happened to her."

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