Noor Salman's family in Orlando for final day of jury selection

'I know 100 percent she's innocent,' uncle says

Noor Salman's uncle, Al Salman
Noor Salman's uncle, Al Salman

ORLANDO, Fla. – The jury selection process in the federal trial against Noor Salman, the Pulse nightclub gunman's widow, came to an end on Monday.

On the eighth day of jury selection Noor Salman's family appeared in court. This is their first time appearing at the Orlando federal courthouse since the trial started on March 1.

News 6 spoke with the family as they walked outside the courthouse. Noor Salman's uncle, Al Salman, said he is confident that his niece is innocent.

"I know she's innocent. I knew from day one. It's not going to change. I know 100 percent she's innocent," Al Salman said.

The Salman family said Noor Salman's son is being taken care of by his maternal grandmother. The family told News 6 she did not make the trip from California for health reasons.

"We know she's innocent and there is nothing changed on us because we knew if she was involved with anything, we wouldn't be here," said Susan Adieh, Noor Salman's aunt.

The family is represented by Susan Clary. She spoke to News 6 last week about Noor Salman speaking with her son.

"She told me she talks to her son every day," Clary said. "She has great hope that a fair jury will be seated and she likes the judge and she likes that he's questioning them a lot."

Noor Salman is accused of aiding and abetting in the attack at Pulse nightclub and obstructing justice by lying to FBI investigators after the fact.