From Bella to mommy in heaven: 4-year-old mails birthday cake to late mother

USPS sends mail to Santa, 'Heaven isn't that much further,' grandmother says

EDGEWATER, Fla. – It was a package unlike any other dropped off at the Edgewater U.S. Post Office. The box was addressed "From Bella. To: Mommy in Heaven." 

Four-year-old Bella Graham, of Edgewater, lost her mother, Jessica Graham, two years ago after she had a pulmonary embolism. Since then, Laura Fisher, Bella's grandmother, has been caring for her.

"A month ago, she started getting concerned that mommy wouldn't have a birthday cake in heaven," Fisher said. "And I thought 'What am I going to do?'" 

Fisher, who works as a part-time cake baker, came up with an idea and helped Bella make a vanilla and red velvet birthday cake.

Bella Graham with her mother, Jessica two years ago. Bella, now 4, mailed a birthday cake to heaven for her mother's birthday with the help of her grandmother and the Edgewater post office.

Fisher owns Lulu's Cupcakes & More and ships cake tastings all across the country. She enlisted the help of the Edgewater post office and Bella was able to mail her mother's birthday cake on Monday.

"They mail hundreds of thousands of letters to Santa every year," Fisher said. "Heaven isn't that much further."

When Bella arrived at the post office, she was greeted enthusiastically by postal workers, Fisher said.

"They opened up another line for her," Fisher said. "They put a stamp on it. They guaranteed it would arrive before mommy's birthday. When she came out, you could see the burden lifted off from Bella. She was so happy."

"Her cake is really special," Bella said.

The 4-year-old said her mother can't have a proper birthday party in heaven without a cake. 

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