Car thieves arrested at Oviedo gym following series of break-ins, police say

Police: Robert Sanes, Deserae Berry stole cars at gyms to support drug habits

OVIEDO, Fla. – A man and a woman were arrested on Tuesday night by Oviedo police for their alleged involvement in a series of bag and car thefts at local gyms over the past month, police said. 

Authorities said Robert Sanes, 51, of Altamonte Springs and Deserae Berry, 26, of Orlando, committed the thefts in order to support drug habits.

Police said after multiple thefts at area gyms in April and May, the two were arrested at an LA Fitness in Oviedo after attempting to steal a car.

Earlier in the day, police said Sanes and Berry had stolen a vehicle from the Altamonte Springs LA Fitness and then attempted to do the same in Oviedo.

Police said that during a surveillance around the gym property, units discovered a vehicle in the parking lot occupied by Berry that matched the tag of the vehicle stolen in Altamonte Springs.

Authorities said during a surveillance inside the gym, they noticed Sanes sitting in the locker room for a few minutes. Police said they made contact with Sanes and noticed he had an open gym bag filled with bolt cutters, cut locks, car keys and cash.

Police said both Sanes and Berry were arrested and taken to the Oviedo Police Department for interviews.

Authorities said that Sanes during his interview admitted that he was a heavy drug user and that he stole cars in order to sell them for drugs/money in a short time period.

Police said Sanes told them in his interview that in April, he stole a Nissan Altima from the Oviedo LA Fitness and sold it to a drug dealer, and that the whereabouts of the car are unknown.

Police said during the interview with Berry, she told authorities she accompanied Sanes to the gym with the intent of stealing a car by taking a victim’s keys from the locker room.

According to police, Berry explained to them that she intended to pick up Sanes when he exited the gym and would drive him around the parking lot until Sanes was able to locate the vehicle by utilizing the stolen key fob.

Drugs were also discovered in the stolen vehicle, police said.

Police said both were arrested for grand theft of a motor vehicle.

Authorities said Berry was transported to Seminole County Jail for booking with a bond of $3,000, while Sanes was taken to Polk Correctional Facility with a bond of $2,000. 

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