Viral video: Woman arrested after falling from ceiling of store

Robbery suspect taken into custody in Alberta, Canada


ALBERTA, Canada – A woman accused of trying to rob a convenience store was arrested but not without taking a major tumble first.

Actually, according to surveillance video, it was more like a crash and fall. 

A store owner had already contacted Alberta authorities when he thought the woman and the man she was with were trying to use a stolen credit card. 

When officers arrived, one of them wrestled with the man while the woman ran Into the stores back room and climbed up into the ceiling. 

It wasn’t long after that she came through the ceiling and fell onto the shelving in the middle of the store beneath her. 

After falling and getting up completely startled she gave up and was taken into custody, police say.

Authorities say no one was seriously injured in the accident, but they did get a laugh or two out of it.