How much should you be tipping for services?

Helpful tips for when it comes to tipping

MOUNT DORA, Fla. – Tipping can be confusing when there are different acceptable amounts so here's a one-stop-shop for how much you may want to tip for different kinds of services.

Etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore worked on a list of different situations and then added what she thought would be good guidelines for tips.

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“Again, tipping is optional,” Whitmore said. “It is a consumer’s right whether they want to leave a tip and how much they want to leave.”

Whitmore added that a lot of people don’t consciously really consider tipping, but instead just slip into a habit.

“It depends on my relationship with a person,” Whitmore said. “If it’s someone I see regularly, I’ll be inclined to tip more as opposed to say a cab driver I might only see once.”

Here are Whitmore’s suggestions for tips:

Barber: 20 percent

Bartenders: $1 per drink, $2 if it took a lot of effort to make

Bellman and airport valet: $1 a bag, $2 if it’s extra heavy

Cab driver: 15 percent

Chauffeur: 20 percent

Coffee shop: Loose change

Food delivery: 15-20 percent in addition to the delivery charge

Food truck: Loose change

Housekeepers at a hotel: $2 or $3 a day

Manicurist: 20 percent

Masseuse: 15-20 percent

Mobile dog groomer: 20 percent

Movers: $10 if it’s a few things and up to $25, if it’s a full-house move, per person

Parking valet: $2 to $5

Restaurant with wait staff: 20 percent

Ride sharing such as Uber or Lyft: 15 percent

Room service: 18-20 percent, but check first to see if the tip is already included

Spa or salon: 20 percent

Takeout food: If you pick it up and you take it out, tipping is optional

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