VIDEO: Kayaker plunges 100 feet over waterfall -- and it's awesome

Man breaks nose during daring stunt

A man plunges 100 feet in a kayak, and it's awesome.
A man plunges 100 feet in a kayak, and it's awesome.

ALBERTA, Canada – A kayaker is sharing his story after plummeting over a 100-foot waterfall and capturing incredible video of his plunge.

Edward Muggridge, 21, is an avid kayaker. 

Recently, Muggridge and several others joined forces and took on the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada.

The most recent trip was to Ram Falls.

"That day, we completed the fourth- and fifth-ever descent" Muggridge said.

Video from several angles catches Muggridge and Red Bull athlete Aniol Serrasolses diving over the edge.

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Both managed to cross the goal off their list.

"I broke my nose on impact by hitting my face off of my kayak" Muggridge said.

He said he had a little bit of blood from the injury, but the experience was fueled by adrenaline.

[VIDEO BELOW FROM Liam Fournier | WARNING: Explicit language]

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