Florida man arrested during traffic stop with 80 grams of cocaine, deputies say

Deputies said suspect was driving with about $8,000 in cocaine

MARION COUNTY, Fla.- – A man was arrested during a traffic stop Wednesday after deputies said they found cocaine and thousands of dollars in cash in his vehicle, Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies say.

Eugene Clark Johnson Jr. was pulled over for driving close to 25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, authorities say. Deputies conducted a traffic stop and had a K-9 complete a free-air sniff of the vehicle. The K-9 gave a positive alert for drugs at the driver’s side door.

Johnson began acting “extremely nervous” and reaching into his pockets when he was asked to step out so deputies could begin a search, according to the arrest report.

Deputies say they searched Johnson’s car and found approximately 80 grams of cocaine -- three times the amount considered “trafficking” under Florida law, with a street value of about $8,000. Deputies also say they found almost $11,000 on his person.

According to reports, Johnson also had 14 Viagra pills in his possession that he could not provide a prescription for.

Johnson had previously been sentenced to nearly a decade in Florida prison for multiple cocaine sale and possession charges, as well as trafficking hydrocodone.

Johnson is charged with one count of trafficking cocaine, more than 28 grams but less than 150 kilograms, and possession of a harmful new legend drug without a prescription.