Casey Anthony, Roy Kronk continue to battle in court

Judge gives lawyers to October to submit new filings

In July 2011, a jury found Casey Anthony not guilty in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, but guilty of lesser charges in a case that transfixed America for three years.

TAMPA, Fla. – The defamation case against Casey Anthony will stay in federal court, at least for now. 

During a Monday hearing in Tampa, a judge decided against moving the case back to Orlando. 

Former Orange County meter reader Roy Kronk is suing Anthony for defamation.

Kronk found the remains of Anthony's daughter, Caylee. He claims Anthony's defense team wrongly accused him of playing a role in Caylee's 2008 disappearance. 

Kronk's lawsuit was transferred to federal court in Tampa after Anthony filed for bankruptcy in 2013. 

Anthony's attorney is calling the lawsuit a waste of time.

"She will never have a big pot of gold and she won't pay them anyway, voluntarily, " David Schrader said. 

The judge is giving both sides until October to submit any additional filings before making a final decision about moving the case. 

A jury acquitted Anthony in 2011 of murdering her daughter, Caylee. 

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