Smash rooms are breaking their way into Orlando area

Guests encouraged to destroy guitars, TVs

LAKELAND, Fla. – Do you ever feel like breaking something?

There's a new trend of places called smash rooms. Yes, it's real. They're a place where you can break stuff, make a mess and not clean up afterward.

"It's a great place to de-stress, kind of unwind after the day or if you have some pumped up adrenaline it's a great place to let loose," Tyana Daley, the digital marketer for Smash Room in Lakeland, said. 

The Smash Room in Central Florida opened on Aug. 4 for anyone interested in relieving the frustration typically caused after an argument, whether it was caused by a spouse or things at work got tense. For parents, it could also help relieve the stress when children are back home and being a pain in the you know where.  

"They come here and they don't realize that they can break so many things. Our smash room has more unique items like bigger screen TVs, washing machines and dryers, even guitars," Daley said.

Before going into the smash room, guests first have to suit up in a full body mesh, wear a face shield, boots and gloves to protect themselves from the flying parts that get smashed. Among the items that are used to smash there are glass pot lids, ceramic plates, cups and even computer printers. Each smash session is 20 minutes. 

Once people are done smashing, a lot of the smashed-up computer items are sent to a manufacturer where they get melted down. It is important to note, that this type of activity is not intended to help with anger issues, it's meant for fun.

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