These are the victims of the Jacksonville mass shooting

2 killed, 12 injured in mass shooting at Madden tournament

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A day after a gunman from Baltimore opened fire at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, more information is coming out about the victims.

Monday, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said the shooter, David Kratz, had legally purchased two firearms from a licensed dealer in Maryland. 

A motive has yet to be revealed, but Williams said the gunman was not shooting at random. 

"The suspect clearly targeted other gamers who were in the back room of Chicago pizza participating in this game tournament," Williams said. "The suspect walked past patrons who were in other parts of the business and focused his attention on the gamers."

Investigators searched the suspect's vehicle and hotel room he stayed in the night before the shooting. 

FBI agents are speaking with his parents in Baltimore and said they are fully cooperating with authorities. 

Social media and multiple published reports have identified the two victims as Taylor Robertson, 27, and Eli Clayton, 22.

Robertson was from Ballard, West Virginia, and according to a report from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph, leaves behind a wife and young son.

His former classmate, Larry Jarrell, said he was told the news about Robertson's death from a friend. 

Jarrell said he made several calls to people to see if it was true. 

"It kind of really lets everyone know that stuff happens to you... and you just really don't expect it ever," Jarrell said. "He was a severely good guy. Smart guy, nice guy. Just, you know, all around good guy."

As the news of his death spread, people who knew Robertson began sharing memories on social media, WJXT-TV reported.

A friend of his posted: "This world just keeps getting sadder. Just learning about a good friend from college losing his life over a game of Madden. Please keep Taylor Robertson ‘s family in your thoughts and prayers. I’m sorry this happened to you my friend, maybe some day a change will come."

Robertson's online gaming record shows he was also a passionate gamer, and over the years he had won many rounds and collected thousands of dollars in prize money. Robertson, whose handle was “Spotmeplzzz,” was listed as the winner of last season's Madden Classic.

Tributes also poured in for Clayton, who was from Woodland, California, and played under the handle “True.”

The gaming champion was known for his humility. 

In a tweet, a friend wrote: "Prayers to the mother and brothers of Eli Clayton. One of the first ppl I was introduced to in the community. Was always willing to help if you asked. Can't believe this 😢 Also to the rest of the community that was in attendance."

For both men, this post was also shared on social media” "Rest In Peace trueboy and spotme way too young. Praying for everyone, no mother should ever have to bury their child. Spotme has a little kid that now will grow up without his dad. Trueboy was a good kid. All of this is so heartbreaking."

In addition to the two killed, another dozen victims were either hit by gunfire or suffered injuries in the chaos.

Four of those injured, including a 17-year-old, were taken to the Level-2 Trauma Center at Memorial Hospital, which released their names and conditions Monday morning:

  • George Amadeo II, 17, is in good condition
  • David Echevarria, 28, was treated for minor injuries and released Sunday
  • Alexander Madunic, 27, is in good condition after a gunshot wound to the foot
  • Christopher McFarland, 31, is in good condition after a bullet graze to the head 

The remaining injured victims, including one that needed surgery after suffering gunshot wounds to the chest, were taken to UF Health Jacksonville.

Timothy Anselimo was shot three times. His mother, Suhail Lopez, spoke during a news conference Monday at UF Health Hospital. 

"He said, 'Mom, it was crazy.' People trampled over him while he was on the floor, shot," Lopez said. "He's very stressed. He's upset. He's sad. He's hurt. He just said before he went into surgery he couldn't believe that this happened to him."

Lopez said her son was shot twice and fell down. When he got back up, he tried to jump a fence and was shot a third time. He was able to make it to Hooter's restaurant nearby, where she says an employee took him in and helped tend to his wounds.

The six patients that arrived to the UF Health emergency room ranged in age from 20 to 35.

According to UF Health, five of the patients were listed in good condition at one in serious condition following surgery.

For more information about the shooting, visit WJXT-TV.

Gunfire at The Landing

Williams said Sunday that suspected shooter David Katz's body was among three police found when they responded to reports of gunfire at the Landing at 1:34 p.m. 

Sources said Katz, 24, a gamer from the Baltimore area armed with a semiautomatic handgun, killed himself. 

Williams said the first officers arrived within two minutes of the 911 call. The riverfront mall went on lockdown and JSO urged people inside the riverfront mall to stay calm and not run out until the search was complete.

"We will get to you. Please don't come running out," said JSO via Twitter about 3 p.m.

SWAT teams conducted a methodical search of the Landing and the immediate area but found no additional gunmen and evacuated the mall of all but law enforcement personnel by 4 p.m.

Randy Wyse, president of the firefighters' union, said Engine Company 1 was training in the area and victims began running up to them before they received the emergency call. He said victims ran as far as the CSX building, about a half-mile away to get help.

The wounded victims were taken to Memorial Hospital, where three victims were in stable condition, and UF Health Medical Center, one person with serious injuries and five more in good condition.

The shooting took place during a Madden NFL 19 tournament at the Good Luck Have Fun video game room inside Chicago Pizza. About a dozen gunshots can be heard on the audio of a livestream of the tournament. A red dot that appears to be a laser pointer is visible on the chest of a player seconds before the first gunshots rang out.

"We are aware of a video that's out on social media. We have that video," Williams said. "We would encourage people that have any other videos or information, please reach out to us at 855-845-TIPS."

Jason Lake, the founder and CEO of compLexity, a company that owns professional e-sports teams, said on Twitter that one of his players, 19-year-old Drini Gjoka, was shot in the thumb.

Gjoka tweeted: "The tourney just got shot up. I'm leaving and never coming back." Then: "I am literally so lucky. The bullet hit my thumb. Worst day of my life."

The Sheriff's Office bomb squad robot and SWAT team members were seen going into a parking garage at Main and Bay streets, within a block of the Landing. Williams said offices had located Katz's vehicle and were searching and impounding it.

Police barricaded a three-block radius around the mall and urged everyone to stay out of the area the rest of the day. Officers and Coast Guard boats patrolled the St. Johns River. Police also took up positions on a bridge overlooking the river.

A woman, who said her son was inside the game, said he was in the room when a man pulled a gun and started shooting. 

"It's scary that you could be having a good time and someone just starts shooting," she said.