Facebook video shows Florida woman putting her son's head in toilet

Leesburg police, DCF investigate video

LEESBURG, Fla. – A Facebook video showing a Leesburg mother pushing her son’s head into a toilet got the attention of many people -- so many, she said Sunday, that police had to sit outside her house Saturday night because of the threats she was receiving.

Someone even came to Kaitlyn Wolf's home, angry about the video, she told News 6.

But the video isn’t what it looks like, Wolf said. In the clip, the hair of Wolf’s 3-year-old appears to be swirling in the toilet and the boy is crying.

“(It) sounds like he’s like, hysterically crying, but he’s not,” Wolf said. “He’s crying and he’s laughing at the same time. After the video was done ... (he) goes, ‘Let’s do it again.’”

Wolf said she’s worried about the video and how it’s circulated. She has received death threats, along with messages from people saying she should be shot, killed, run over or buried alive.

The video wasn’t even intended for Facebook, Wolf said, adding that she sent it to someone for a laugh, but it was posted online. Now, she told News 6, it’s being taken out of context.

Kaitlyn Wolf

Wolf said she’s not an abusive mother and she wants people to see that her boys are doing well.

The Department of Children and Families, along with the Leesburg Police Department, are investigating.

Police posted a statement about the video online, based on the number of calls and messages they’ve received, tipping them off about the clip: "Leesburg Police has received many calls and posts about a recently shared video on Facebook, showing a woman holding her son's head over a toilet. The incident is already currently under investigation by the Department of Children and Families. Leesburg detectives will be coordinating with DCF on the investigation and forwarding all investigative findings to the State Attorney's Office, who will review the case and determine if any criminal charges are warranted."