Which was your first video game console?

Today is National Video Games Day

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Believe it or not, the first video game console was made in 1967. Fast forward more than 50 years, and video game console technology has come a long way.

The first console, known as the Brown Box, was made by German-born television engineer Ralph Baer and his co-workers. The system allowed players to move two squares that chased each other on the screen.

That same team made the second video game console, called the Odyssey. It was produced by Magnavox in 1972.

Depending on when you were born, you’ve probably heard of the rest of the video game consoles invented. 

Atari’s Pong made its debut in 1975. According to Time.com, Pong made Atari a household name and introduced at-home video games to the masses. 

In 1985, Nintendo broke records with the best-selling console in video game history with its NES. This system also introduced us to "Super Mario Brothers."

From there, it seems a new video game console was released every few years offering the latest and greatest in technology. 

Popular Video Game Console Timeline

  • Atari – 1977
  • Sega Master System (SMS) – 1986
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) – 1985
  • Super Nintendo – 1991
  • PlayStation – 1995
  • Nintendo 64 – 1996
  • PlayStation 2 – 2000
  • Nintendo Gamecube – 2001
  • Xbox – 2001
  • Xbox 360 – 2005
  • Nintendo Wii – 2006
  • PS3 – 2006


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