Car-sized sinkhole opens up on Stetson University campus

Hole not impacting classes, no evacuations underway

DeLAND, Fla. – A sinkhole opened up on a grassy area on the Stetson University campus Monday morning, according to a city of DeLand spokesman.

Community information specialist Chris Graham said the hole is near the historic Henry A. DeLand House Museum, which is being monitored for possible issues. 

The hole, which Graham said is big enough to swallow a car, is not impacting classes or campus operations nor are any evacuations underway.

Janie Graziani, Stetson University assistant vice president of marketing communications,  said students and staff were immediately made aware of the situation and campus officials put up a safety barrier.

"Right now, the hole is not threatening any buildings, parking lots, roads or anything like that. We're just more concerned with people getting too curious and getting too close," Graziani said.

City engineers and a geotechnical engineer evaluated the area and determined that the hole is approximately 25 feet by 18 feet at the surface and 8 to 10 feet deep.

University experts will monitor the sinkhole for 48 hours and if it stabilizes, it will be filled at that time.