Grandma kills 12-foot alligator

Gator believed to have devoured mini-horse


LIVINGSTON, Texas – The mayor of a Texas city, who happens to be a great-grandmother, shot and killed a monster alligator she believes ate her mini-horse.

News 6 partner KPRC-TV talked to Livingston Mayor Judy Cochran about the 580-pound beast.

"One shot and he went under," said Cochran, who added that gators are not strangers to her ranch. "About three years ago, we came up missing a miniature horse. We highly suspect a gator got it."

A trapper hooked the gator, and Cochran finished the job.

"This head is going in my office," said Cochran, who's had quite the year. “I became mayor in May, became a great-grandmother on Friday, killed the gator on Monday.”

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