Fuel demand surges as Hurricane Michael approaches Florida

Average price per gallon statewide is $2.82

ORLANDO, Fla. – Some gas stations have been tapped out as the demand for fuel surges ahead of Hurricane Michael's landfall in Florida.

Officials from AAA said fuel trucks are operating in the Sunshine State nonstop to make sure gas stations are supplied.

"Gasoline outages in the panhandle are spotty, but not widespread," AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said. "There continues to be plenty of fuel supply in the state, but getting a tanker truck to a gas station -- before it runs out of fuel -- can be a challenge during a time of such high demand. State officials say gas trucks will continue making deliveries until winds reach 45 mph, at which time it is deemed unsafe for them to operate."

Despite the demand, officials do not expect to see a significant increase in gas prices across the state. Currently, gas prices are averaging $2.82 per gallon in Florida, which is the same price it was Monday and last week.

In Crestview-Fort Walton Beach and Panama City, the average is $2.88 per gallon while that number is $2.84 per gallon in Tallahassee.

A state of emergency is in effect for 35 Florida counties, which prevents retailers from price gouging on gasoline and other essential items. 

To check gas prices in your area, click here. You can also find the latest information on Hurricane Michael, which is expected to hit the panhandle as a Category 3 storm Wednesday, by clicking here.