Volunteers hit Cocoa Beach to clean up red tide

Dead fish that washed to the shore were cleaned up

COCOA BEACH, Fla. – About 70 "Keeping Brevard Beautiful" volunteers hit up Cocoa Beach for a second day in a row.

On Saturday morning, volunteers walked along the water picking up and throwing away the marine mess from red tide.

Bryan Bobbitt, with KBB, said they were able to fill up two big dumpsters with dozens of trash bags full of dead fish that washed ashore this week.

"It went amazing," Bobbitt said. "It looked like the tide had taken a lot of fish out so the crews mobilized this morning and got everything cleaned." 

On Friday, Sky 6 flew over Cocoa Beach, where hundreds of dead fish could be seen for miles.  Meanwhile, more warning signs of red tide were placed across the beach Saturday.

"When the red tide comes in, it may return. We will mobilize again and we will have the volunteers come back out." Bobbitt added.

Volunteers are asking beachgoers if they see any fish to report it to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.