People are asking parents how to microwave a whole turkey and the responses are hilarious

Viral Thanksgiving prank takes over internet

ORLANDO, Fla. – People are pranking their parents by asking them how long they should cook a giant turkey in the microwave -- and their responses are absolutely hilarious.

The joke is taking over the internet just in time for Thanksgiving, which makes it a little more believable when people ask their moms how long they should leave a 25-pound turkey in the microwave. 

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Many have posted the original challenge on social media, followed by the response from their family members. Here's what the challenge looks like:


Some parents have tried to be supportive of their child's desperate plea for cooking advice, while others have flat out questioned their child's well-being after asking the question they obviously find to be insane. Either way, their responses will make you LOL. 

Read some of them below. 

(Editor's note: Some items have been blurred to hide parents' use of rather creative language. Use your imagination to fill in the blanks.)

These moms seem to be a little disappointed that their children had to ask.

Some parents just didn't get the joke -- even after being told it was a prank.

This mom had a funnier response than her child's initial question.

And this mother was not only baffled by the fact that her daughter thought she could cook a full-sized bird in a microwave, but also that she married a man who would volunteer to bring the turkey to his work potluck over something that could easily be purchased. I guess she has a point.

Some people had the heart to prank their grandmas. These grandmothers' responses are proof that we just don't deserve grandmas. They're just too good for this world.



And some family members are just too smart to fool.


Of course, after seeing the hilarious internet challenge, some News 6 employees had to try it on their own family members.

I tried it on my mom and honestly, her response was probably the most accurate.

News 6 Traffic Safety Expert Trooper Steve asked his mom and you could say she was a little disappointed.

Web editor Adrienne Cutway tried it out on her mom, not thinking she'd get much of a reaction out of her. She was wrong.

(Another editor's note: Adrienne is a vegetarian.)

Executive Producer Ashleigh Coran's mom was probably right with her response.

Digital Journalist Emilee Speck's mom is as helpful as the grandmas above, but wasn't at all surprised by the question. She's pretty used to our work shenanigans -- obviously.

Our interns also gave it a try with their moms. As you could imagine, they had something to say about it.

Brenda Argueta said her question prompted the most messages in a row her mom has ever sent her.

Nathaniel Rivas' mom tried to talk him out out of it, but eventually supported him after he insisted he must cook that turkey in the microwave. You know, like, when parents try to teach you a lesson by talking to you about something important, but you don't listen and choose to learn it the hard way because that's just how we are as people? She gets it.

To get more laughs out of posts like these, search #microwaveturkey, #microwaveturkeychallenge or #microwaveturkeyprank on Twitter and Instagram or try it on one of your family members and send us their hilarious responses.

Of course, you should probably remember to tell them it's just the latest internet craze once you've had your fun with it. Oh, and I wouldn't recommend cooking a turkey in the microwave -- no matter how much it weighs.