911 call shows moments after Maitland PlayStation murder

Investigators say Ian McClurg, Jake Bilotta plotted to kill former roommate

MAITLAND, Fla. – A call to 911 shows the frightening moments when a man discovered someone dead in his living room Monday night and his attempt to get help quickly.

The man told Seminole County sheriff's investigators he arrived home to the house after a date when he walked in and discovered what happened.

"He's dead," he told the dispatcher.

"How do you know he's dead?" she asked.

"He's not moving. They have plastic bags. The man is on a plastic bag. He's dead," the man responded.

Investigators said Ian McClurg and Jake Bilotta plotted to kill their former roommate, 24-year-old Joshua Barnes, because they thought he had broke into the home and stole their PlayStation gaming console.

Warning: Listener's discretion is advised:

The caller to 911 was heard wandering the neighborhood as he explained to the operator what he saw.

"He killed, he killed, he seriously just killed," he's heard whispering.

"You didn't witness them injure him, you just saw him on the ground, right?" the dispatcher asked.

He said he was frightened his roommates may come after him. He is heard knocking on the door of what he said he believed was an off-duty police officer, but he quickly found out the man who answered the door could not help him.

"He's intoxicated, ma'am," he told the dispatcher. "I'm sorry, officer, enjoy your night."

Seminole County sheriff's deputies arrived 30 seconds later, according to the call.

McClurg and Bilotta are both being held at the Seminole County Jail, and both of them are charged with first-degree, premeditated murder.

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