Cookies for all: You can find all of these allergy-friendly cookies at Publix

These six brands of cookies are suitable for vegan, gluten-free diets

Does the sentence "Happy National Cookie Day" makes you sigh with sadness? If you thought you wouldn't be able to celebrate the most-definitely-a-holiday due to dietary restrictions, a solution, rather, multiple boxes of solutions may be closer than you realize.

Modern supermarkets have made it easier than ever for people who follow certain diets to get their sweet fix with the craving inevitably strikes. Cookies are no exception to that rule and more mainstream grocery stores, like ubiquitous Publix, are carrying products suited for more diets.

You can find six allergy-friendly brands of cookies below that can help you ring in the holiday in a sweet way. (Note: While I found all of these at my local Publix, stock can vary from store-to-store. You can always call your store to ask about the availability of these products.)

Enjoy Life

If you're used to living with dietary restrictions, chances are high that you've at least heard of Enjoy Life -- if you're not already an avid fan. Every single one of the brand's products, including their cookies, are free of the 14 common allergens, vegan, gluten-free and and made with non-genetically modified ingredients.

Basically, these cookies are okay for everyone to eat. Enjoy Life has both soft-baked and crunchy cookies in four flavors per each variety, though the stock may vary at your local Publix.

Glutino ​​​​​​

Glutino products are both well-known and beloved in the gluten-free community. Not only does the company offer gluten-free versions of snack foods, like pretzels, crackers and breads, but they also carry a wide selection of cookies, all without gluten.

If you want a chocolate chip cookie, you can get one, sans gluten. If you're craving a certain chocolate sandwich cookie with a vanilla creme center but not the wheat products also contained within, Glutino is your best bet. The brand also has wafers, animal crackers and more for the nostalgic cookie-holic wanting to relive their childhood cookie obsession while still abiding by their needs.


Those who do not adhere to a gluten-free diet can, for the most part, safely eat the king of vegan commercial cookies: The humble Oreo. The cookie is vegan, meaning it is dairy-free. In addition, most flavors of Oreos are nut-free and made on their own separate production line, but within factories that do also process nut ingredients.

It's best to check each flavor of Oreo individually for allergens, as ingredients often vary from flavor to flavor. The original, though, is a great addition to any glass of almond milk and to many restrictive diets.


Another gluten-free favorite, Pamela's knows how to bake not just one, but many varieties of allergy-friendly cookies, in addition to other baked goods. You can find both cookies both crispy and soft, regular-sized and mini within the Pamela's assortment. They've also started producing peppermint and buttery sugar cookie flavors for the holidays.

If you're not quite at the level of gluten-free cookie fanatic, Pamela's can also provide plenty of bars, crackers and even pasta for all your carbohydrate-loving needs. The holidays, as cookie-filled as they are, can also be merry and bright for someone who is gluten intolerant through a big bowl of gluten-less pasta. That's the joy of grocery stores.

Sweet Loren's

For those feeling a bit more intrepid when it comes to cookie consumption, Sweet Loren's has the dough for you. All of Sweet Loren's place-and-bake doughs are both gluten-free and vegan. They also come in five flavors, so you can create an assortment of cookies for holiday party guests, who now have no need to worry about any allergens within their cookies.

The one thing to note about Sweet Loren's dough is that while it does not contain any allergens, it is processed on shared equipment with both eggs and soy. So, depending on the severity of your allergy, you may still be able to snack safely and deliciously. The dough can be found with the refrigerated dairy goods.

Simple Mills

Yet another solid gluten-free and vegan option, Simple Mills cookies are sweetened with coconut sugar. You can satisfy your craving for peanut butter, chocolate chip, coconut cookies and more through Simple Mills' products.

One of the best parts of eating a Simple Mills cookie is topping it with Simple Mills chocolate or vanilla frosting for an extra level of decadence. Good news -- the frosting is also vegan and gluten free.