Look back at some of 2018's best viral videos

Critter scaling building, dad-daughter duet top list


ORLANDO, Fla. – This year has been chock-full of internet gold when it comes to viral videos, but as the year comes to a close, we're taking a look at some of the best. 

A critter scaling a skyscraper and an adorable daddy-daughter duet are just a couple of the stories that captivated online users in 2018.

See some of the others below and watch News 6 at Nine on Thursdays for your weekly dose of viral videos in the new year.

1. Raccoon scaling skyscraper

This daredevil of dumpster panda nearly broke the internet on its journey to the top of a 25-story skyscraper in St. Paul, Minnesota. Earning its own nickname and the trending hashtag #mprraccoon while its hike was being streamed live for hours, the critter eventually made it to the top, and gained loads of popularity on the way. Read the full story here and watch the viral video below.

2. Daddy-daughter lip-sync battle

It's not clear whether there was ever a declared winner in the cutest lip-sync battle of all time, but one thing is clear: This father and his daughter captured the hearts of internet users everywhere during their jam session to Maroon 5's "Girls Like You." The video, which was watched more than 15 million times in its initial Instagram posting alone, showed the adorable little girl and her dad mouthing the words to a song they clearly knew well, and absolutely killing their post-bath performance. Watch the battle again below -- it never gets old.


3. Feline owns fashion show

This stray kitty gave the word "catwalk" a whole new meaning when it crashed a fashion show in Istanbul and completely owned the runway. Crowds watched and recorded as the cat strutted its stuff, pawed at the models and, of course, gave itself a good cleaning. When it finally had enough of the spotlight, it left the stage and accepted applause from those in the crowd in the form of pets. Read the full story here and watch the frisky feline do its thing in the video below.

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4. The new dress color debate

Remember the internet debate over whether a dress was white and gold or blue and black? This was like that, but came years later and had to do with whether people were hearing the name "Laurel" or "Yanny" in a short audio clip. The passionate debate tore social media users apart, with one person hearing one name and the next hearing a completely different one. Even celebrities chimed in to share what they heard, and the debate continued until experts eventually broke down the science behind why people could be hearing things differently. Read more about the debate here and listen to the sound clip yourself below.