Victims of timeshare exit deal offered bogus plan to get money back

American Consumer Credit customers say fake US agent wants $499 fee

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – Since late November, former customers of AConsumerCredit aka American Consumer Credit of Ormond Beach, have received offers that would deliver every dime lost in a timeshare exit plan that fell apart.

The calls, which appear to originate from Kingston, Jamaica, are from a man identifying himself as Charles Turner and Charles White. 

The man claimed to be a U.S. agent with the Chapter 13 Company.

He said there was a plan in place to get thousands of dollars returned to the company’s customers for a fee.

Karen Eaton of Glasgow, Kentucky told News 6 she lost nearly $3,000 to the AConsumerCredit after it failed to get her released from a Tennessee timeshare.

For Eaton, the calls from the U.S. agent, who claimed his badge number was 4711, seemed to be a chance to get her lost money refunded.

“He said he may be able to get me my money back from him,” Eaton said. “(But) he wants me to send him $499 to send me paperwork to help me out of my timeshare.”

She was told to send the funds to Charles Douglas Wright, Andrews Texas via Western Union.

Eaton said she knew something wasn’t right, so she demanded proof the money really existed.

The mystery man sent a photo of an arm with a gold watch on the wrist stretched out over rows of money along with an account number from BB&T.

Eaton said she had received 15 phone calls Thursday, all from Turner aka White.

“And it’s just been bam, bam, bam one phone call after the other," she said.

The Ormond Beach Company, led by company founder Dana MiCaleff, filed for bankruptcy last September leaving hundreds of families with broken promises and no explanation of where their money was.

Ormond Beach police have started to track victims of the alleged exit scheme already finding former customers in Florida, Georgia and Texas.

The investigation into the scheme is expected to take months.

Police say it is believed MiCaleff is still operating his company in Ormond Beach

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