People are threatening to boycott Gillette after new ad

'I'll never buy another Gillette again,' one person tweeted


Gillette released a new advertisement Monday based on its slogan "The Best Men Can Be," and people have pretty polarizing opinions on the message of the ad. 

In the ad, Gillette immediately addresses men's role in the cultural discourse of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, citing words like bullying, sexual harassment and toxic masculinity. 

The ad even shows how pop culture has normalized unwanted touching and harassment, like in TV shows, and how women in the workplace are often talked down to with mansplaining or have to deal with catcalling in the streets. 

In a statement, Gillette officials said the brand has a responsibility to ensure it is "promoting positive, attainable, inclusive and healthy versions of what it means to be a man."

Gillette is basically asking men to do better, but some people are saying the new ad is discriminated toward men and they're threatening to boycott the company. 

While many people are angry about the ad and threatening to boycott Gillette, others are applauding the company for being socially aware. 

Some people are also questioning the anger felt toward the ad.  

It's hard to say if a boycott of Gillette's products will do much damage to the company. When Nike released its highly criticized ad with Colin Kaepernick, sales for Nike did extremelly well, beating its own expectations for their second quarter. 

Currently, the video of the ad on YouTube has more dislikes than it does likes. You can watch the full ad below.  

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