10 surprising things you can do with peanut butter

Try one for National Peanut Butter Day

Peanut butter is not only a tasty treat, but it can also do some very surprising things.

In honor of National Peanut Butter day today, here are some clever tips from Lifehack.org you could try with peanut butter.

You know you probably have a jar or two lying around in your pantry.

Taking medicine

So this one you’ve probably heard about and used before, but peanut butter is an easy way to give your child or furry friend medicine. Just hide the pill in a spoon full and down it goes. What a delicious way to take medicine.

Shaving cream

You’ve run out of shaving cream and you desperately need to shave, peanut butter to the rescue. Apply a thin layer and shave normally. The oil keeps the razor from cutting you and is a moisturizer.

Mouse trap bait

If you always thought you should put cheese on a mouse trap, you’re wrong. They actually love peanut butter.

Leather cleaner

Did you know you could put a small amount of peanut butter on a soft cloth and rub it on leather surfaces in a circular motion to clean them? It not only cleans but will make your leather shine.

Gum remover

Don’t freak out when your child gets gum stuck in their hair, carpet or clothes, because a little bit of peanut butter can get it right out. Just rub a little in, let it sit and then wipe it away.

Insect bait

Does the thought of roaches and ants in your house make your skin crawl? Peanut butter is here to help. Turn an almost empty jar of peanut butter on its side in the area you’ve noticed bugs and they will crawl into the jar to eat but end up getting stuck. Put the lid on it and throw it away.

Eliminate odor

Did you cook fish and stink up your house? Take a tablespoon of peanut butter and fry it up for a minute or two in a frying pan. Smell gone!

Squeak eliminator

Think of peanut butter just like WD-40 to help with squeaky hinges or drawers.

Price sticker removal

Removing a price sticker is simple when you have peanut butter. Rub on a little and then rub it off. I told you it was easy.

Wood scratch repair

Make those wood scratches almost impossible to see by rubbing in smooth peanut butter and letting it soak for 20 to 30 minutes before rubbing it away.

Moisturize your hair

This doesn’t sound fun, but you can rub peanut butter into your scalp to help moisturize your hair.

Now that you know, which peanut butter hack are you going to try?

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