Monkeys found inside van parked at Walt Disney World

Couple cited but not accused of neglect or abuse

ORLANDO, Fla. – A couple visiting Walt Disney World Resort brought their three pet monkeys with them, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife investigators.

A man and a woman told investigators that they were visiting from Texas and had been "sneaking their monkeys in and out of their hotel room each day," authorities said.

It's unclear in the report which hotel in Central Florida the couple was staying at, but at the time the monkeys were found, the couple was visiting family at the Grand Floridian Resort.

Investigators wrote in their report that someone at the resort notified security after hearing "animal noises." The security officer then spotted the animal crates in the back of the van and called the Sheriff's Office.

Inside, law enforcement found three monkeys.

Florida Fish and Wildlife investigators noted the animals appeared to be well taken care of, and there were no allegations of neglect or abuse.

According to authorities, the couple provided insulin shots to one of the monkeys, which is diabetic, several times a day.

The couple were issued several criminal citations, including not having the proper license to possess the primates.

Florida Fish and Wildlife investigators said they did not confiscate the animals because they were being cared for and the couple promised to immediately leave Florida with the monkeys.

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