These devices can help you safely store your gun

ORLANDO, Fla. – There are many options for safe gun storage in the home, but some are better than others depending on your specific needs.

The following items are just a small example of some of the items you can use to safely store your gun. Check with a reputable vendor to help make your selections and find the items that will work best for your security needs.

Addison's Gun Shop loaned the safety items listed below to News 6 anchor Bridgett Ellison and News 6 traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero for demonstration purposes. We've included links if you're interested in learning more about any of the items mentioned.

You can also go to to receive a free child safety kit.

Book gun safe

This device allows you to store your gun both safely and discreetly. It looks like a dictionary but when you open the front cover, you'll find a key-operated lock box.

"You do need to make sure you have that key available if this is a firearm or if what you're protecting in here needs to be readily accessible," Montiero said. sells a Barska hidden dictionary book safe with key for $15.39.

Combination lock gun safe

A combination gun safe like the NanoVault 300 pictured above can be stored inside your home, your vehicle or even in a bag or briefcase. This safe has turn knobs on the front to enter in your code; just make sure you don't share that number with anyone. Once opened, you'll find your firearm safely surrounded by the 1.25 inch thick memory foam interior.

The NanoVault 300 is available on for $39.99.

RFiD safe

Montiero said this model has all the meat and potatoes. The Winchester Defender RFiD safe uses a key fob system for fast entry when you need it. Up to five key fobs can be programmed to open the safe or there's the option to enter a four-digit code for alternative entry.

"This, you wear a little wrist band, you scan it over and boom -- it opens right open and it's ready for you to use for protection in the home," Montiero said. sells the Winchester Defender RFiD safe for $69.99.

Gun cable lock

A cable lock is a bare minimum safety item that won't break the bank. Several different brands are available and most cost less than $10 so there's no excuse to be cheap and use zip ties that can easily be broken.

"Look, (zip ties) will stop the slide but can break this open and now you have a fully functioning firearm," Montiero said. "You've just gotta be really careful with this stuff and know what you're shopping for."

On a cable lock, the cable runs through the ejection port and the magazine well to render the gun unusable until the lock at the bottom is opened with a key and the cable is removed. Many models are designed to offer protection from cutting and sawing.

The Remington cable firearm lock is available at for $10.64.

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