Historic Citrus Tower welcomes new owners

Plans for air conditioning, new shops underway

CLERMONT, Fla. – New owners at the iconic Citrus Tower in Lake County are planning a few upgrades to help embrace the old charm of the space, while welcoming new customers. 

Standing 226 feet tall, the Citrus Tower was first built in Clermont in 1955. The view back then looked a little different than it does now, with almost all of the citrus groves gone to make way for development. 

"The Citrus Tower has been pretty consistent, the surrounding areas have developed quite a bit," new owner Scott Homan said.

As of Jan.1, Scott Homan and his wife are the tower's newest owners. They're taking over ownership of the tower from Homan's father.

"Our objective is to bring as much high density retail and food into the area and this complex to give this community more of a place to hang out," he said.  

At the top of the couple's list is adding air conditioning to the top of the tower, which would open up a lot more options for the space, including wine and dinner events and watch parties.

"We'd love to have people come up and see the Disney fireworks and the rocket launches," Homan said.

Back on the ground level, new businesses are set to move in, including a retro arcade and a shop selling oversized board games. 

"Our goal is to keep it family friendly and respect the historic nature we have here," Homan said.

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