Stabbing suspect thought victim was werewolf, attorneys say

Pankaj Bhasin arrested in death of Brad Jackson

Pankaj Bhasin.
Pankaj Bhasin.

A man accused of stabbing another man to death in Virginia last July thought the victim was a werewolf, defense attorneys said.

According to FOX 5 in Washington, Pankaj Bhasin was arrested in the death of Brad Jackson, 65, who was stabbed 53 times. Police said Bhasin was found locked inside a Mercedes Benz with no pants on and covered in blood.

HIs defense pleaded to strike the murder trial from the court Tuesday, stating a more appropriate charge of voluntary manslaughter should be applied.

The defense claimed Bhasin suffered from mental health issues and that he thought Jackson was a werewolf at the time of the incident.

The judge overruled the motion to strike the case, FOX 5 reported.