Florida Senate committee approves distracted driving bill

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A state Senate committee has just approved the Senate’s version of a new distracted driving bill.

Senate Bill 76 was approved around 4 p.m. Monday by the Senate’s Judiciary Committee. The bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Wilton Simpson, amended the bill before Monday’s debate to take the requirement of hands-free enforcement off the table and instead go with primary enforcement, which is very similar to last year’s Senate bill.  

Floridians won't get a new distracted driving law yet as this is the third of four committee stops for the bill before it is voted on by the full Senate.

Meanwhile, HB 107, the House version of the bill, will have its first committee meeting Tuesday. The bill's sponsors, state Reps. Emily Slosberg and Jackie Toledo, are also expected to amend the hands-free requirement and revert back to last year’s House version, which concentrated on primary enforcement.

News 6 anchor Matt Austin will be live in Tallahassee on Tuesday evening starting at 4 p.m. to provide the latest on the committee meeting.

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