LEGOLAND Florida Resort unpacks, builds 'The LEGO Movie World'

News 6 gets an inside look at what to expect

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. – For the first time ever, guests are about to step into the hustle and bustle of Bricksburg, the large and colorful world from “The LEGO Movie” and its second part.  

Emmet, Lucy (Wyldstyle), Buddy the friendly Spaceman, and General Mayhem are all ready to welcome guests in, and take them on some of the newest and most advanced rides in the land.

Situated near the front of LEGOLAND Florida Resort, the new land brings new rides, a quick service taco shop and photo opportunities. 

News 6 producer Landon McReynolds got the opportunity to get a firsthand look inside the new land minutes after its grand opening celebration Wednesday.

“I grew up playing with Legos, and having recently seen the 'LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part,' this was really cool,” McReynolds said.

What guests can expect

Guests will shrink down to miniature size when entering the land. You will be greeted by the “LEGO Movie World” sign, which is being hoisted up by a LEGO man in a large crane. The area appears to be under construction by the master builders. Once you pass under, it’s an endless realm of opportunity and fun for the entire family.

“We are extremely proud of the product, and experience we are going to deliver to kids and families across the world” says Rex Jackson, LEGOLAND General Manager. 


Benny, the energetic spaceman, and his spaceship have landed. 

“Parents, be warned this will be a favorite for kids. It will also take up some of your time,” McReynolds said.

The spaceship is a children’s interactive playground. Kids can climb to the top of the spaceship and then take several slides to the bottom.

Awesome new rides

Another big draw of this new land are the three new rides. 

“We have “Unikitty’s Disco Drop”; it’s a drop tower ride where you will meet all of Unikitty’s different personalities,” said Chloe Boehm, public relations manager. 

Unikitty, a kitty and unicorn hybrid, makes several appearances in both films. Her spontaneous and positive energy is perfect for a family ride.

During the Disco Drop ride, about 10 guests will strap in and head up to Cloud Cuckoo Land. They will then bounce, spin and drop down a 35-foot tower. 

“It’s Unikitty -- what could be more fun than hanging out with her in her disco drop towers?” project director Keith Carr said.


Sitting in the streets of Bricksburg -- is that Rex Dangervest? The Ultra-Cool and confident hero is ready for a picture with you and his raptor.  Did we mention that Dinosaur is on a skateboard? Totally awesome.

Located right next door to Unikitty -- The LEGO Movie Masters of Flight.

“It’s an indoor theater, and it’s a one-of-kind ride because you’re going to be turned 180 degrees, and be exposed to a fully domed screen. You will ride on Emmet’s triple-decker couch,"  Boehm said.

While families wait in line for this ride, they can have fun building on the walls of the queue with LEGOs.

Music, and colorful lights are also pumping into the queue, making everything awesome and a bit catchy.

“One song even got stuck in my head, fans of the films will know what I’m talking about. Overall, the ride is a great experience packed with sights, sweet smells and even some water effects,” McReynolds said. 

You ready to get wet or even soaked? On a hot day, guests will love the final ride: “Battle of Brickburg."

The city is under siege -- the water ride puts guests on boats to battle it out against DUPLO Aliens who are invading the land.

Guests will “shoot water canons at them,” Boehm said.

Towering colorful structures stand around the interior of the ride, some of them dumping gallons of water around you. 

LEGOLAND leaders and signs outside the ride caution, you will get wet. 

Fantastic food


If you’re getting hungry -- Is it Taco Tuesday? Nope, It’s Tacos Everyday.

The “LEGO Movie World” offers an awesome film favorite.

“We’ve got colorful tacos, we have pink tacos and blue tacos – so you definitely want to grab one of those when visiting,” Boehmsaid.

The Tacos Everyday shop offers a number of other offerings. From smokey briskets to some sweet treats like the double-decker “Sofa-Pilla” bites. The dessert is a pastry with cinnamon sugar and a buttery honey drizzle.

Before you unbox, and check out of the “LEGO Movie World,” don’t forget to look inside the Awesome Shop and see some of the characters from the films.  

“You can meet all the characters from the 'LEGO Movie' -- Emmet, Lucy, Benny -- inside Emmet’s Super Suite. So that’s where you get to hang out with him inside his apartment,” Boehm said.

Two characters will be in the suite at a time, so you might have to come back if you didn’t get to meet your favorite.  This photo-op experience dumps straight into the Awesome Shop. Guests can get T-shirts, key chains, LEGO sets and a line of plush dolls. You can also get some LEGOLAND swag. 

The new “LEGO Movie World” addition to the resort will deliver loads of awesomeness. LEGOLAND says the land is just one of several additions, and events coming in 2019.

The resort is also already looking to the future, with plans to open the “Pirate Island Hotel” in spring 2020. 

Watch the highlights from the opening ceremony below.

For tickets and other information including the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel and Waterpark, head to www.Legoland.com.

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