Seminole County parents frustrated over last day of school date

School year ends May 28, one day after Memorial Day holiday

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – The last day of school is less than two months away, but many parents of Seminole County students are frustrated with the class schedule.

Amber Alligood was waiting to pick up her son from Seminole County High School when she learned the last day of school is on May 28, a day after the Memorial Day holiday. 

"I don't think people are going to be very happy about it, especially not the kids," Alligood said.

The district said the last three days of the school year are half-days, including the final day after the long holiday weekend.

Deborah Doisey's two grandchildren attend SCHS. She said returning to school after the holiday may be an inconvenience to families. 

"Most people want to leave that Friday and go do whatever, but now they have to come back so the kids can be back in school for half a day. That's ridiculous," Doisey said. 

A spokesperson for the school district said the school board adopted this year's calendar in April 2017.

The district said normally, the school year ends before Memorial Day, but because of holidays, teacher work days, and the state mandated number of required teaching days this is how it worked out this year. 

"That's kinda pointless in my opinion to have them come back for just half a day. I can guarantee you half of them are not going to come for half a day. They're not going to do it," Alligood said.

The district said attendance is usually low at the end of the year. A spokesperson said most of the teaching and testing is done, but there could be some students taking exams.

The district adds it is not changing the calendar.

Naiya Stephens is a senior at SCHS. She's done with school earlier than underclassmen, but said many students are not happy about having to come back for one day.

"Most of them don't like it. They're just like, 'What's the point about it?'" Stephens said. 

Here is a list of the last day of school for districts across Central Florida:

Marion County: Friday, May 24
Lake County: Friday, May 24
Seminole County: Tuesday, May 28
Orange County: Wednesday, May 29
Osceola County: Thursday, May 30
Brevard County: Thursday, May 30
Flagler County: Thursday, May 30
Polk County: Thursday, May 30
Volusia County: Friday, May 31
Sumter County: Friday, May 31

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