Superrich person attempts to set up real-life Battle Royale on a private island

Seems reasonable enough, right?

Get this: There’s a website called Hush Hush, which is self-described as “a luxury shopping marketplace and shopping concierge service,” and it recently received the most extra request -- possibly of all time.

Some anonymous rich person wants to set up a real-life, 100-person Battle Royale-inspired event on a private island. But he or she needs your help.

Hush Hush posted a webpage called, “Can you help design a Battle Royale-inspired arena for a ‘last person standing’ contest?”

The site explained that it’s looking for someone who can help design the arena. “With a £1,500 day rate and an expected six-week project duration, we’re expecting the competition to be fierce for the £45,000 contract!”

The site goes on to explain a bit more about the idea.

“We were approached by one of our customers, who was on the lookout for a private island, for help in setting up the championship. We will also be handling registrations for the event when the time comes. Contestants will be provided with Airsoft guns, ammo and touch-sensitive body armour for a three-day event. The ‘last person standing’ will win a £100,000 jackpot. [That appears to be $130,990 in U.S. dollars.] As it is currently planned, the event is intended to last three days, with 12 hours of competition each day. Competitors will then camp for the night. Food, camping gear and all the necessary equipment will be provided.”

Are you the gamemaker that this anonymous millionaire so desperately seeks? Ideally, you’d have experience in large-scale event management and set design. If you can keep a straight face and make it through the application process, here’s a link.

Not only will we give a h/t to AV News for finding this story, but we'll add that they wrote a really funny take on it, as well: “Having amassed an unreasonable fortune, it would be unimaginable to just give some of it away to people who have nothing, or create charities that better society as a whole.”