Kids complain of 'creature' in bedroom, parents later find opossum

Parents set mouse traps hoping to catch a rogue rodent


Children often imagine make-believe monsters or a bump in the night before bedtime. 

When an Ohio mom was woken up by her daughters’ complaints about a “creature” or “rat” in their room last summer, she told them it was probably nothing.

Caitlin Burch said her then 6-year-old insisted there was something lurking late at night in the room she shared with her older sister. Caitlin Burch and her husband, Bryan Burch, did a full search of the bedroom several times, but found no rodents or vermin.

Caitlin Burch assumed it was a mouse, telling BuzzFeed News they live in a rural area north of Columbus.

Despite the mouse traps set in the girls’ room, the youngest girl refused to sleep in the room with her sister, opting instead for the guest room.

Three days after the initial scare, the Burches say their oldest daughter ran into their room screaming about an opossum sighting around 2 a.m.

 Their father reluctantly got out of bed and searched the closet. 

He says he found the opossum inside one of the dresses hanging in the closet with its head peeking out of the neck hole.

The oldest daughter said she had been watching the opossum circle around the room several times before she got the courage to make a run for it and get her parents’ help.

Their father raced to catch the marsupial, while their mother snapped pictures.

A photo showing the opossum in an arts and crafts container, went viral when Caitlin Burch replied to a tweet from Chrissy Teigen about a hamster on the loose in her home.