Florida man busted for singing dirty song to neighbor


WILDWOOD, Fla. – Perhaps next time one Florida man will stick to the classics when attempting to impress a woman with a song.

Robert Mirabella, 62, was arrested Saturday after he played guitar and sang an original song to a woman he was serenading.

What got him in trouble was that Mirabella was sitting on the woman's porch and the song contained words not normally found in friendlier tunes.

According to the arrest report, Mirabella's lyrics contained phrases such as "There is a neighbor who was a bitch and I see her now, she’s just a witch.”

The Smoking Gun reports the woman claimed to have ongoing issues with her neighbors in The Villages, just north of Orlando.

For his part, Mirabella claimed that he may have sang the song in front of the woman, but it didn't mean it was about her.

Mirabella was arrested for disorderly conduct and plead not guilty.