Video of teen asking wrong girl to prom goes viral

Second time proves successful, real date says yes

(Credit: @AustinMousa/Twitter)

Promposals have become the standard for boys to ask girls to prom. 

Nevada teen Austin Mousa had his plan all figured out. He showed up on a girl’s doorstep with a box of doughnuts, ready to ask her to prom, with a friend, Johnny Pashales, capturing it all on video. 

The door opens, and that’s when it all goes wrong. It was the wrong girl, according to USA Today. 

Apparently, Mousa’s friend was confident he knew which house was correct, but man was he wrong. 

In the video, you can hear the girl say, “Oh my gosh,” as she opens the door sees the promposal.

Mousa then looks at his friend, who was laughing while recording the interaction, and says, “Johnny, you picked the wrong house.”



According to USA Today, the friend stopped recording, Mousa apologized and they both left to try and find the right house. 

Second time was a charm for Mousa, as he got the right house and she said yes. 

Mousa posted the flop promposal to Twitter, saying, "Only I could mess up going to a girl's house to ask her to prom.” That’s when the video went viral. 

This is a memory Mousa won’t surely forget. 



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