5 things you need to know about storms heading toward Central Florida

Chance of thunderstorms on Thursday

ORLANDO, Fla. – Floridians will see rain the next several days.

Here is everything you need to know:

Low pressure heading to Florida will not turn tropical

The low pressure heading toward Florida is packing a lot of moisture and it will bring rain over the next few days, but it will not turn tropical in the next two days, according to News 6 Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells.

Pockets of heavy rain

Areas in some red zones of the radar will get heavy rain in spurts. The rainfall rate in spots will be an inch of rain per hour. No area will get an inch of rain. 

Highs will hit the high 80s the next few days

Temps could hit 87 degrees Thursday and Friday, but no more 90s are expected. 

Rip current risk will be high and winds are coming

Sorrells said it is best to stay out of the water the next few days as the rip current risk will be high. Gusty winds from the east  could reach 15 mph, and up to 40 mph in storms. 

Saturday begins to clear up

There's a 30 % chance of rain in Central Florida on Saturday as the low pulls away toward the Carolinas.