Jaw-dropping photos show snake trying to slither out of gator's mouth

Spoiler alert: The alligator wins

LAKELAND, Fla. – If you like rooting for the underdog, this story might not be for you.

Try and try with all its might, the little snake was no match for a gluttonous gator that had it clenched within its jaws and there to capture the scaly struggle was husband and wife duo Jesse and Linda Waring, who own and operate BirdWalk Photography

The couple was visiting Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland on Saturday when they heard a splash while walking down "alligator alley." Linda Waring said her husband pointed out what was happening and at first, she was worried she'd missed a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

"On the chance that the gator might make another move, we decided to stick around and wait to see if there would be any more action. Once he started moving and opening his mouth, I just focused and clicked," Linda Waring wrote in an email to News 6.

Her patience paid off. 

BirdWalk Photography.

The gator's gaping mouth opened once again and she could see its snack -- a red snake -- trying to slither to safety.

"The snake was giving it his all to escape from the jaws of the gator. The gator would chomp down and
close his mouth and each time it seemed like the end. Then when he opened his jaws, the snake was still trying to fight his way out," Linda Waring said.

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