Video shows bounce house go flying in Deltona

Thankfully, no one was hurt

DELTONA, Fla. – Strong winds that lashed parts of Central Florida blew away an inflatable bounce house at a birthday party in Deltona. 

Mike Simonian said the bounce house he rented for his son's party flew airborne more than 50 feet away.

"I was shocked I went back to the garage and they said, 'What happened?' My face was a little pasty and I said, it's gone. The bounce house was gone," Simonian said.

Partygoers had just wrapped up a bouncing session inside the inflatable house before Simonian ushered the children inside.

"We had just called them in for cake, conveniently, and the wind started picking up," Simonian said.

The bounce house was secured by metal stakes but those couldn't withstand the high winds. 

Simonian said, "It went all the way across our neighbor's yard hit his fence and knocked out a couple of his fence panels on the other side."

He said he is relieved all the children dodged the near-tragedy. 

"My first concern was I wanted a head count." he said. "So I went back to the garage and said hey do we have all the kids in here, make sure everyone is eating cake, make sure no one is flipping over the fence," Simonian said.

The Deltona father said although the downpour and wind gusts were brief, their impact was felt by all. 

"We were here for the hurricane the year before that and it looked worse than that. The wind looked worse going by than the hurricane did when it was blowing through," Simonian said.

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