Limited-edition ice cream flavors hit Publix shelves

Cool off as temperatures rise

(Credit: Publix)
(Credit: Publix)

It’s hot, and Publix hopes its limited-edition ice cream flavors will cool you down.

The popular grocery chain announced it has eight limited-edition ice cream flavors on store shelves now. 

Included in the release are Boston crème donut, cookie butter crème, chocolate cookie quarry, peanut butter pretzel crunch, pecan turtle fudge, red velvet cake, southern banana pudding and strawberry shortcake. 

The flavors are described as:
Boston Crème Donut: Bavarian crème-flavored ice cream with chocolate-flavored icing and cake pieces throughout. 
Cookie Butter Crème: Cinnamon cookie-flavored ice cream with swirls of cinnamon crème and cinnamon molasses cookie pieces. 
Chocolate Cookie Quarry: Calling all chocolate lovers! Rich chocolate ice cream with decadent chocolate cookie crumb swirls and chunks of chocolate sandwich cookie.
Peanut Butter Pretzel Crunch: The perfect mix of salty and sweet, yum! Peanut butter ice cream with fudge swirls and chocolate-flavored pretzel nibs.
Pecan Turtle Fudge: This one is loaded with flavor! Butter pecan ice cream combined with swirls of Mackinac butter pecan fudge, pecan fudge chunks, and roasted pecans.
Red Velvet Cake: Scrumptious ice cream with spirals of cream cheese icing, rich red velvet cake pieces, and roasted pecans. 
Southern Banana Pudding: A delicious taste of home. French custard ice cream with swirls of creamy banana sauce and bits of vanilla wafers.
Strawberry Shortcake: Butter-crème flavored ice cream swirled with ribbons of chunky strawberry-flavored sauce and layered with squares of soft shortcake.

Now the real question. Which flavor will you try first?

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