Safety concerns rise for Osceola County homeowner after recent crashes

We first introduced this problem last November

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – A homeowner in Osceola County told News 6 that vehicle crashes have become regular occurrences since moving in last year.

Kelly Kersey said that on Thursday night, once again she saw a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on Kissimmee Park Road in St. Cloud and hit a utility pole.

"I hope the county does something because somebody is going to die. I hope it's not us," said Kersey. "Probably 80 miles per hour and didn't even hit his brakes and just hit the power pole and bounced off."

She shared pictures with News 6 that she said show emergency crews treating the passenger of the vehicle.

We first introduced viewers to Kersey last November, after a driver was ticketed for slamming into her shed, boat and truck. Kersey said that the driver failed to stop where Kissimmee Park Road ends

"I just don't want to have to replace anything anymore. I'm just like, done," said Kersey.

Kersey said that two weeks ago, another driver narrowly missed crashing into the lake, and even smashed into one of the warning reflectors.

"Busted it in half, got out there, turned around and came back," said Kersey.

Kersey said last fall, Osceola County conducted a traffic study, looking into possible changes for the intersection. 

With these two recent crashes, she's looking to get results, afraid something worse will happen.

"I just want some higher speed bumps and a stop sign. I would love a guardrail, but I don't think that is going to happen," said Kersey.

Osceola County previously told News 6 that the Public Works Department was looking into the issue. 

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