28 animals turned in for Pet Amnesty Day in Sanford, some up for adoption

Program reduces number of nonnative species being released into wild

SANFORD, Fla. – The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens along with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will be hosting a Pet Amnesty Day on Saturday.



The program helps reduce the number of nonnative species being released into the wild by exotic pet owners who can no longer care for their pets or no longer wish to keep them.

Stephanie Williams with the Central Florida Zoo said they received dozens of animals last year and hope to do it all over again this year.

"We got kinda few last year lots of different snakes and birds and some small mammals like chinchillas and ferrets," Williams said.

Animals that will be accepted include nonnative species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds, fish and invertebrates.

"We want to give pet owners an alternative to releasing their pets into the wild," said Jenny Novak with FWC.

Owners with red-eared sliders, yellow-bellied sliders, cooters, chicken turtles, and redbelly turtles should contact FWC.

Domestic animals such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbits will not be accepted at the event.

Some surrendered animals will be made available for adoption to pre-registered individuals the same day and must be approved by the FWC. 

After the event ended, a total of 28 animals were turned in. Some will be looking for a new forever home.

Some of the animals turned in Saturday include a baby opossum and a ringtailed lemur.




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