Neglected animals seized from Ridge Manor, owner cited

All of the animals on the property were found in a state of neglect


HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. – Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Animal Enforcement Unit responded to 34125 Hyatt Road in Ridge Manor to conduct a welfare check on numerous animals that appeared to be in distress.

When the officers arrived, animal enforcement officers saw several animals in need of attention.

Those animals included a horse with its hip and rib bones showing, an extremely overweight pot belly pig, three goats, and five dogs whose pen was covered in feces and mold.

Officers met with Kay Davis, who is the owner of the animals, but does not live on the property.

"Officers told Davis she needed to clean the dogs’ pen immediately and provide them with fresh bedding and clean water. Davis advised a man was coming later that day to clean the dogs’ pen.
Officers also advised Davis she would need to have a veterinarian examine both the horse and one of the goats that appeared malnourished," the Hernando County Sheriff's Office said.

Davis was also told to have a farrier examine the horse, which she agreed to. Davis told authorities she would be paid May 3 and would have a farrier out at that time.

Animal Enforcement officers went back to the property Friday, after numerous attempts to get in contact with Davis were unsuccessful.

"When officers arrived on scene they were able to observe the horse, whose condition appeared to worsen since the last visit."

Officers noted that none animals had access to food and their water was covered in algae. After observing the conditions, officers called Davis and told her to return to the property immediately.

"All of the animals on the property were found in a state of neglect and were seized and taken to Animal Services in Brooksville."

Davis and Glen Gulvin, who helps take care of the animals, were both issued misdemeanor citations for animal cruelty.

According to officials, the Animal Enforcement Unit is moving forward with a petition to permanently remove all of the animals from Davis’ custody.