Here are some of the best doughnuts you can get in Orlando

Because no Central Floridian should be forced to settle for just plain glazed

ORLANDO, Fla. – The City Beautiful has a lot of things to offer: theme parks, endless entertainment options and outdoor adventures, to name a few, but most importantly it has doughnuts. Lots and lots of doughnuts.

We're not just talking about your standard glazed variety, either. Central Florida shops and bakeries cook up almost any doughnut you could dream of, including those drizzled with bacon bits, smothered in candy and stuffed with sweet, decadent cream.

If your mouth isn't watering yet, it's about to be. Check out the list below of some of the best doughnuts you can find in Orlando and beyond.

Valkyrie Doughnuts

The doughnuts at Valhalla Bakery in Market on South are so good that the owner had basically no choice but to open a second location. Enter Valkyrie Doughnuts in east Orange County. The doughnuts are sizable without being too dense and the flavor options are always spot on, with choices like matcha berry and chocolate-filled Oreo cream. If that's not enough, don't be afraid to get a little experimental with a doughnut sammich or BS drink or just go all out with the BFD, which is equivalent to eight doughnuts. Oh, and it's all vegan.
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Image courtesy of Orlandough

Half the fun of eating an Orlandough doughnut is finding out where this local pop-up will be set up on any given Saturday. Local breweries, shops and farmers markets have been known to host Orlandough on a regular basis. If you're lucky, you'll catch Orlandough during one of its collaborations for a beer and doughnut pairing or chicken doughnut sandwiches. Pictured above is the lavender honey pie doughnut.
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Donut Central and Fuelpresso

Image courtesy of Donut Central and Fuelpresso

This one is somewhat of a hidden gem, but it's unlikely to stay that way for long. Tucked away between Semoran Boulevard and Aloma Avenue, you'll find this decadent doughnut shop that also serves up coffee that's equally as delicious. Pick a flavor, any flavor, because you can't go wrong. My suggestion is to take a gander at the back wall and order whatever appeals to you the most. If you're indecisive or need some guidance, the baristas are happy to offer suggestions. Pictured is the maple bacon doughnut and a mocha craft latte.
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Little Blue Donut Co.

Image courtesy of Little Blue Donut Co.

A food truck just wasn't enough for Little Blue Donut Co., hence the brick-and-mortar location that opened in Winter Park earlier this year. Don't worry though, the mobile unit that still makes appearances at events around town. As the name implies, the doughnuts are on the smaller side, but that just means you can eat more than one. If you're feeling daring, opt for the sriracha peanut, but there's also glazed, powdered and frosted if you consider yourself somewhat of a doughnut purist.
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Donut King

Image courtesy of Donut King

When it comes to variety and availability, Donut King definitely reigns supreme. With one location in Minneola and another in Casselberry, odds are there's a shop somewhere near you, but even if that's not the case, these treats are worth the drive. This family-owned eatery isn't just a favorite among locals, it's also been named one of the top doughnut shops in America. It's also worth mentioning that Donut King goes above and beyond by also serving up burgers, wraps and even salads so you can pretend like you're being healthy.
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DG Doughnuts

Image courtesy of DG Doughnuts

If you're wondering what "DG" in DG Doughnuts stands for, it's "damn good," and there's reason for that. This small business was an innovator in the Orlando doughnut scene by initially offering delivery then transitioning to a permanent space inside an Oakland  gas station. Don't be fooled by the humble locale because these doughnuts are about as fancy as they come. These doughnuts are almost too pretty to eat, but with flavors like tiramisu and pina colada, trust me when I say you won't be able to resist.
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Voodoo Doughnut

Image courtesy of Voodoo Doughnut

I'll be honest, you're going to have to wait for this one no matter what time of day you go. Just look for the powder pink building at Universal Citywalk and make your way to the back of the line. With roots that trace back to Portland, Oregon, this doughnut shop might have been one of the hippest around if it weren't located smack dab in the middle of the tourist district. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the tasty creations, which include an edible voodoo doll, because of course.
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