Lake County preacher plans 'Make America Straight Again' event

Pastor advocates for arrest, execution of gays, lesbians

ORLANDO, Fla. – A church in Lake County is planning a different kind of march Friday. The march titled, "Make America Straight Again" was created by an Orlando pastor who refers to homosexuality as "not a normal lifestyle" and advocates for the arrest and execution of gays and lesbians, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Pastor Patrick Boyle of the Revival Baptist Church of Orlando would not disclose the location of the gathering because he said he didn't want to invite protesters.

Boyle's church is made up of about 60 members and has received emails and phone calls in support of his event. But the preacher has also received hateful emails that encourage violence against him and his family.

Boyle had decided to hold the event during Gay Pride Month, but says that it was not tied to the three-year anniversary of the attack at Pulse Nightclub where 49 people were killed.

The three-day event begins Friday and a protest against the event was created on Facebook. The protest planned for Saturday has 38 people who said they are going with another 155 people interested.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office rejected a request from Boyle to supply off-duty deputies to work security at the event because the conference deprecates gays. Boyle doesn't advocate that private citizens hurt or kill gays, only that society make homosexuality illegal.