Stormtrooper ‘taken into custody' in Winter Springs

Concerned citizen thought it was child in costume lying on sidewalk

A concerned citizen in Winter Springs called police to report seeing a "Star Wars" stormtrooper lying on the sidewalk.

Deputies arrived, defeated the dark side and took the stormtrooper into custody.

Turns out it was not a child in a costume but a large toy figurine.

The original Facebook post in a private group said, “After a brief altercation, backup came to assist one of Winter Spring’s finest. The Trooper was read his rights then placed under arrest. The galaxy is now a safer place.”

“So apparently the story is someone called it in laying on the sidewalk and presumed a kid may have been inside it. I guess they thought it was a costume. However, after closer inspection they discovered it was a figurine of sorts,” Police Chief Chris Deisler said. "That being said, the officers did their best to corral the Imperial defector and bring him before a proper proceeding to determine his fate. Darth Vader is the first appearance judge tomorrow so it’s unlikely he stands any chance of redemption. I see many years of incarceration in the trash compactor of the Death Star in his future. That is, of course, the Emperor pardons him and sends him back to the fleet to resume patrols in search of droids on Tatoooine.”

Thank you to local law enforcement officers for keeping Central Florida free of stormtroopers.

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