Winter Park police: 'Don't be a clown. Put the phone down.'

On July 1 officers can start citing drivers for texting and driving

WINTER PARK, Fla. – The texting and driving law in Florida will become a primary offense on July 1.

Winter Park police posted a fun video reminding drivers to not look at the phone while driving.

The video shows a clown struggling to get through his day in Winter Park. It starts off with the clown not hearing his coffee order is ready because he is too busy texting.

Don't Be a Clown - Put the Phone Down

Starting July 1, texting and driving is now a PRIMARY offense. What this means for you – if a law enforcement officer sees a driver texting, checking email or using an instant message app, the officer may pull the driver over. Not only is driving while using your personal hand-held electronic device illegal, it’s also extremely dangerous. Don’t be a clown – put the phone down!

Posted by Winter Park Police Department on Friday, June 28, 2019

After leaving the coffee shop, the clown runs into a stranger because he was staring at his phone.

Two kids have to pull him back from walking into oncoming traffic.

The video ends with the clown getting into a driving accident due to phone distraction.

Police end the video by saying, "Don't be a clown. Put the phone down."