Volunteers clean up trash littering Volusia beaches after Fourth of July

55,000 pounds of trash cleaned up last year

Volunteers came to Volusia County to pick up trash left behind by Fourth of July revelers.

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Dozens of volunteers were equipped with buckets and bags to clean up debris that was left over from Fourth of July celebrations on Volusia County beaches. 

One family made it a point to show up early to pick up garbage.

"This will be our Fourth of July celebration today," said Laurie Majchrzak.

"I think I'll have fun and pick up a lot of trash," said Jacob Elliot.

People dispersed along Daytona Beach near Sunsplash Park to collect whatever they could find.

Most volunteers collected cigarette butts, plastics, fireworks and straws. Carly Bell said she just finished a school project on the environment and is very passionate about keeping beaches clean.

"I'm hoping to collect a lot so not as much gets into the ocean," Bell said.

The Volusia County's Environmental Management Division planned the special cleanup and said last year, volunteers collected 55,760 pounds of trash and said the day after July 4, is one of the busiest beach clean-up days of the year.

"It's absolutely crucial. We share this coastline with a variety of species. Not only do we want to enjoy it, we want to ensure that it's safe for them as well," said Danielle Ramsey, sustainability and volunteer Coordinator.

The volunteers cleaned from 9 to 11 a.m. 

"Every time we come to the beach, there's actually trash there, and I feel like if we enjoy the beach, we should help clean it up. Our environment needs our help right now," Joanna Elliot said.

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