Get up close to spacecraft at Kennedy Space Center's Rocket Garden

Guests can see rockets on display

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – The Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center Complex is where you'll see rockets such as the Juno I & II, Delta and Saturn 1B -- a launch vehicle commissioned by NASA for the Apollo program.

"The Apollo 7 mission actually launched on a Saturn 1B from Cape Canaveral Air Force station. It is the only one not to have launched from Kennedy Space Center proper and that was the first crewed mission that launched in the Apollo program," Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex digital and content manager Christine Selby Regan said. 

As we celebrate 50 years of a giant leap for mankind, Dan Hawkins, a tourist from California, recalled watching Walter Cronkite give the news that day when the world stopped to see history in the making.

"We only had two channels in Anderson, California and yeah, it was pretty eventful. The countdown actually started the day before. I was in school when Armstrong got out of the commander module and walked on the moon," Hawkins said.

For Lee Edelstein, it was a double celebration. He drove from West Palm Beach with his son to celebrate his milestone birthday.

"I always thought it was so cool I was born on the day the Apollo 11 took off for the moon. My mom's roommate in the hospital in New York where I was born, she said she should name me Apollo -- Apollo Edelstein would've been kind of a weird name but it was great," Edelstein said.

At the Rocket Garden, visitors get an up close and personal look into some of NASA'S rockets. The space teaches engineering, math, science and technology in a fun-filled environment.

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