Couple's pet goats stolen, say they aren't the only victims in Marion County

The goats named Fabio and Conrad are gone

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – A couple in Marion County said that someone stole their beloved goats. 

Elinor and Alex O'Neal said on Tuesday morning they realized the 8-year-old goats named Fabio and Conrad were gone.

"When we finally looked at the fence, there was a little skid mark just over here by the trailer that clearly loaded them up and there was some hair on the fence," said Alex O'Neal.

The couple said that they called The Marion County Sheriff's Office and their agricultural deputy responded, and told them that they weren't the only ones to have missing goats.

"He went over some things that have been going on in the area. This is not a one off. I mean it's happened to a couple different places and hopefully they will get caught at some point. I don't think these are rocket scientists that are doing this," said Alex O'Neal.

The family also made it clear, the goats were pets, and they were treated as members of the family.

"We've had them a long time and it's just really sad to lose them because we'd had them before we had this farm, before we lived here. It's just kind of awful to lose your pet," said Elinor O'Neal.

The couple also warns other goat owners to be on the lookout and are hoping whoever is responsible, will be found.

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